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Top 7 Tips For Jumping Into Your Future Personal Success
By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Article Summary:

Letís start with a startling question, "What is really stopping you from living the life you envision? Having the career of your dreams, the quality relationship you deem great for you, or the business rewards that reflect your potential?" Simply said, more than 80 percent of adults donít live up to their greatness because they suffer from what I call "African Impala Syndrome." Jumping high and forward is an inborn talent for the survival of the African impala. The impala is known to jump about ten feet high. This high jump propels the impala to land about thirty feet from the spot where it starts. With this ability of vertical and horizontal jumping, the impala survives and thrives in the carnivore-infested savannas of Africa. However, the impala has a unique limitation. It jumps only when it can see where it will land. I once read from an issue of "Bits and Pieces" that when the African impala is confined in a three-foot high fence, it wonít jump. As I think of the African impala, I often wonder how we fail to live up to our potential because we suffer from "African Impala Syndrome." We donít "jump" unless we can see "where we will land." When we suffer from this syndrome, we choose to tough it out in careers or work environments that may be stressful. We donít let go of habits that may be detrimental to our spiritual growth, bodies, profession or families. We donít try new projects because we may not see what the results may be. We lack the faith needed to move forward. Here are the Top 7 Tips For Jumping Into Your Future Personal Success.


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