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Top 7 Tips To Relieve Back Pain
By Raymond Lee

Article Summary:

You bent down, picked up the laundry basket, straightened up, and yeeow! Pain cuts through your back like a sword. What happened? You have lifted heavier loads than this hundreds of times before. It does not matter. Back pain will seize any opportunity to strike while you are hefting a sack of groceries, slouching in front of the TV, hunching over your desk, standing in line for movie tickets, even sleeping the wrong way. And once it hits, back pain can be relentless. It starts in different ways with different people. You might feel a mild twinge when you sit, walk, drive, tie your shoes, or turn to answer the phone. Or if you are less fortunate, you will feel as though you have been stabbed in the back with an ice pack. Back pain is also an equal-opportunity affliction. Four of every five of us will have back pain at some point in our lives. Here are some tips that you can consider to adopt to relieve back pain.


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