Top 7 Essential Keys To A Professional Online Image
By Tonya Poole

Article Summary:

In a sea of information, products and services -- how can you position yourself with a professional reputation and the credibility to make YOUR business stand out? While great offers, enticing product descriptions and a solid selling reputation are absolutely essential to your business vitality, what separates you from the rest of the pack is a surprisingly basic principle: Great Customer Service Communication. If you operate almost entirely online, it's email that often becomes the sole service link between you, your customers, your suppliers and your potential market. Yet most of us tend to overlook this powerful tool when we're brainstorming for ways to build our reputations, enhance our service practices and gain more consumer confidence. You can use email to boost sales, entice repeat customers and instill faith and confidence in your offer, AND your business. While the way you use email will vary with the type of business you do, there are seven basic but essential principles that can beef up your correspondence and establish you as a trusted professional in your market:


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