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Top 7 Advantages to New Form of Marketing Communications
By Robert Wood

Article Summary:

A new marketing communications tool has been developed recently which has begun to sweep savvy marketers in the US and Europe. It's called Desktop Delivery. There are many variations in usage but all share one trait: PERSONAL, DAILY, MEANINGFUL CONTACT. Briefly, Desktop Delivery, a branded communication channel, brings the host the ability to appear on the screen of a user's computer (with fresh material) DAILY and automatically. The screen may be sponsored, contain links, text, audio, and video. It loads in the background. Appears at a user-selected time daily. Is NOT RSS or email. It is measured - the client receives how many views and what the viewer did next, i.e.: click on a link and which link. It collects no personal data (beyond zipcode) from the user, maintaining privacy.


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