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Top 7 Tips on How to Benefit From Symbiotic Workplace/Business Relationships
By Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku

Article Summary:

You are always an integral part of an association, whether you are aware of it or not. The largely overlooked associations are the employer-employee partnership and professional partnership. Your ability to thrive, in your professional endeavors, at all times depends on how healthy your association is. Your growth also means more benefits for your partner, whether an employer or a colleague with whom you exchange ideas, services or products. In ecological studies, one is exposed to a variety of associations, including parasitic—where an organism, like blood suckers, feeds and survives at the expense of a host. The host may die thus leading to the death of the parasite. That’s a detrimental association. In a symbiotic relationship, both organisms survive and live together. A symbiotic relationship is the association where two different species live together, each benefiting, in one way or another, from its associate. Take a rhino and a certain species of birds—they live symbiotically. Each depends on the other for survival. The rhino has ticks that the bird needs for food. The bird helps the rhino in two ways. It remove ticks from the rhino’s body and when it (the bird) sees an animal that might attack the rhino, it jumps up and down making the rhino know it is time to run for cover. They need each other. Here are top 7 tips on how to benefit from a symbiotic workplace/business relationship.


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