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Top 7 Areas Of Your Life To Get Back To The Basics In
By Chris Widener

Article Summary:

The other day I am at the club getting ready to work out. I am standing in the row of lockers talking to another guy. I hear a couple kids come in behind me but donít turn around. It is obvious from their conversation that they are about five and three years old, and they are going to go swimming. Suddenly the older boy says to the younger one in a scolding voice, "Joey, you have to take your shoes off before you take your pants off." I turn around and there is this three year old sitting on the ground trying to take his pants off over these huge waffle-stomper boots! The guy I was talking to said, "That is good basic life instruction!" I said, "Iím gonna use that for an article someday." Indeed: Always take your shoes off before you take your pants off. It made me think about how we often try to get so sophisticated in our quest for success and personal growth. However, isnít it really true that all success begins with the basics? In fact, perhaps the struggles we have are because we have gotten away from the basics. With that in mind, I gave some thought this week to the basics in a few areas. Here they are.


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