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Top 7 Ways to Combat Being Lonely at The Top
By Kevin Kearns

Article Summary:

"It's lonely at the top" is as cliche as you can get - but like most popular cliches, there is often a lot of truth in the statement. People do not become leaders because they are wanting to have more dark days of isolation. Leadership is a package-deal and those days are a part of the package. Leadership is just like a puppy. If you love puppies, you deal with the "messes" puppies make. The cute little puppy overshadows the known potential of daily messes. If you don't love puppies, you probably don't think the messes are worth it. Feeling unappreciated and alone are just a couple of messes that come with leadership. If you enjoy being a leader, putting up with such messes is worth it. The seven tips below are sure to help you clean up some of the mess that comes with leadership.


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