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Top 7 Tips on How You Can Make It Happen!
By Tracy Brinkmann

Article Summary:

Now is a good time to make a new start, not just because it is a new year but because you want to, you have the desire to and because you will be all the better for trying. It does not have to be January 1st to make a new start you can do it on January 9th or the 31st or August 8th or whenever you feel you need to make a change. However, there seems to be something about the holidays and the New Year that causes us to take pause, reflect back, and attempt to think or even plan forward. Originally, I was going to put this out on the first of the year but I held off. Because time and time and millions, even billions, of people make New Year’s resolutions – ranging from losing weight, starting a new business, to quitting smoking or saving a marriage. In every case, the basic motivation for these changes is the same. They want to do things differently, better, improving themselves, their circumstances or both. Unfortunately, for many, or more likely most, these decrees of self-improvement rarely last any longer than the holidays they follow. For some, they struggle with finding the inspiration or faith to believe that the change is even possible. Others struggle to unearth the energy necessary to take action. For those that are lucky enough to have both the energy and the faith in the beginning, it is quickly put to the test the moment the first real obstacle presents itself. Here is where the excuses and procrastination begins. Their motivation fades and soon they fall back into the ‘grooves’ that their past habits and decisions have worn into their lives. That is why I held off publishing this article for a little while. I am hoping that I can grab the attention of those whom are now facing some of those motivation-robbing obstacles. That some of the tools included in this article will help them over the top of the hill before them. First, let me start of by assuring you that YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Problems small and large, heartaches deep and painful may be looming on your horizon or right in your face this very moment. However, no matter how helpless or hopeless you feel in the face of these circumstances YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Trust me on this one. Why? Because I know how you feel. I have traveled (and at times still travel) that rough and rocky road of adversity. I have survives the level of stress that turns coal to diamonds, standing back up after personal and professional disasters. The worst of which was the loss of a child less than two years old, a fate I would wish upon no one – not even my worst enemy. So, I can say with heartfelt honesty that I know what it feels like to be long on trouble and short on resources. Through these times I learned many gems, but, the one thing I learned that stands out is - YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, you can even make an entirely new start. Problems, failures, and disappointments have battered and bruised your pride and personality but no matter how messed up, looked over or knocked down you feel – take heart YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN – you can start anew. Below are tips for your new start. Ways you can become your own personal phoenix, creating a new life out of the ashes of your old. Ways to transform your attitudes, which in turn affects your thoughts and actions. By transforming your attitudes, thoughts and actions, you will in turn, transform your career, character and your relationships both personal and professional. These tips will aid you in your trip to success. Starting these steps now will not only create this new beginning but also can create a set of destiny changing habits that can form the life you dream, desire and deserve.


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