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Recognize how people are "wired" and adjust your s

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Recognize how people are "wired" and adjust your style accordingly. The words that others use, the pace of their voice, the eye movements, the body language, the pace and depth of their breathing all tell something about that person. In my course, “How to Build Instant Rapport with Anyone” I teach about how these and other things that people say/do can give you a tremendously valuable insight into what makes them tick. Using this information and calibrating your words/actions to match the other person’s will automatically start to build a very strong unconscious rapport with that person. In short, the person will start to like you, and may not even know why..!!! And here is the reason why they will feel that they like you, and it’s pretty simple – “People like others who are like themselves”. By practicing rapport techniques you become, in an unconscious way, like a mirror image to the other person. If that person sees a reflection of themselves in you then they cannot help but bond with you. This is a fantastically strong tool to have in your armory. Imagine the benefits this would give you if used in a sales, customer service or call centre environment.


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Recognize how people are "wired" and adjust your s
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