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Best Strategy to Retain Quality Talent is:
Find "Perfect Fits" For The Job
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Pay Them Well or More Than Others Will
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Give Them Quality Attention & Face-Time With The Boss
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Provide Work That Is Challenging
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Provide Training & Skill Development Education Opps
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Create Positive Employee Appreciation Culture
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Personnel Department & Personnel Strategies Discussion

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How's Your Personnel Challenges? Delight or Looking for Flight?

Subjects on-topic for discussion might include:
How to Hire The Best
Interviewing Tips & Techniques
Questions To Ask Candidates
Candidate Qualification Process
Personnel Software Tools
Employee Retention Techniques
Improving Employee or Contractor Productivity
Personnel or HR Law Issues
Getting Your Team To Get Along - Inspiring Teamwork

And discuss any of the Top7Business Personnel tips:

If you've got a favorite Personnel tip, secret or rant -- Share it today.

Post it by clicking on "NEW TOPIC" or "POST REPLY." We look forward to your Personnel Strategy tips and rants! Idea

To Your Success!
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Personnel Department & Personnel Strategies Discussion
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