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Are You A Marketing Machine?

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Do you love marketing as much as we do?

Topics for this discussion might include:
Laws of Marketing that are Immutable
Marketing Secrets, Strategies & Tips
How to use Marketing to Build Your Brand
What the point of Marketing is about and what it is not about
Identifying your perfect target customer
How To Design Your Marketing Plan
Marketing Software That Can Aid The Process
Things to Test Market
& Anything Marketing Related...

Every good company is a Sales and MARKETING organization first, and a products or services company second.

What's Your Best advice to give to a newbie who wants to understand how to market their online or offline business?

Add your thoughts by clicking on "NEW TOPIC" or "POST REPLY" today.

To Your Success!
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How to use Marketing to Build Your Brand?

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How to use Marketing to Build Your Brand?

I think this is where the problem lies. Marketing is not so much about branding – hey, the market will brand you anyway – but creating responses from qualified prospects with whom now you are allowed to stay in touch and gently guide them through the buying cycle.

So, every marketing effort should ask for some kind of action from the prospect’s part. I use Special reports and Executive Briefings through autoresponders with great success.

Then when people receive this, they are receiving my newsletter too. And from here on it’s up to them. I gently promote to them, encourage them to revisit my site and they buy when they are ready. No selling is needed. By the time they call me, they are ready and willing to hire me.

Branding come from providing a good experience for the people in my sales funnel. They will brand me based on my actions with them.

Raise your sights! Blaze new trails! Compete with the immortals!

Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan - Organisational Provocateur

Dynamic Innovations Squad - www.di-squad.com
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Are You A Marketing Machine?
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