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Top 7 Lessons Learned While Growing Up On The Farm

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. The cows don't care if you're having a bad day, and still need to be milked anyway.

    Lesson: Sometimes in business, even when we don't want to follow through, we must force ourselves to get certain 'MUST-DO' jobs done in order to not spoil the milk, I mean 'cash flow'.

  2. Always carry a 9/16th wrench with you.

    Lesson: By planning ahead, and getting the most commonly needed tools you'll need to succeed in life, you'll be able to take advantage of the universal law, which states: "Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness".

  3. The stuff that stinks the most, can make your crops grow better than any man-made fertilizer that you can buy.

    Lesson: Just because something is hard or stinks, doesn't mean there isn't something valuable inside of it, or a lesson, or an experience or opportunity to speed up your growth & development.

  4. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Lesson: Don't wait till 9am to start your day. Start it at 4 or 5am, and by 9am, you will be 4-5 hours AHEAD of your competition. This lesson can go both ways for early risers or night owls. :)

  5. Working hard on the farm, doesn't always mean you will be financially rewarded. Sometimes the Wind & Rains, or lack of sunshine can destroy your profits overnight.

    Lesson: Diversify your portfolio, without losing control of your niche, AND buy crop insurance. ;-) No, seriously, while "Mother Nature" may control the profitability of a crop, you are STILL not the mercy of the wind/rain/sunshine if you plan properly, and have backup plans for when things can and will go wrong.

  6. Farming for fun is totally different than Farming for profit. The best or most profitable farmers today, are actually business folks, who are dead serious about building their business, and that just happens to be a farm instead of maybe an office suite.

    Lesson: There are hobbies and there are businesses. Which one are you running? Many folks who claim to be in business, are actually running a hobby. The difference is in your level of seriousness as to how big you want to build your enterprise, and where you want to end up.

  7. Hired help never care as much as you do about your Farm, and maybe they never will.

    Lesson: But, that doesn't prevent you from setting up systems, expectations, procedures, and accountability reporting to ensure that your standards are being met. Remember: What gets measured, gets managed.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: September 09, 1998