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Sales Training: Top 7 Attributes Needed to be a Superstar Sales Person Today

By Jennifer Selland

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It always has been a little mystifying to figure out what exactly makes a top-notch Sales Person. Well-Run Concepts has been conducting research to quantify what is needed in the position of Sales Person today. We used a comprehensive, validated, step-by-step process called the Trimetrix™ system to determine what is needed for top performance. Attributes tells us if an individual can do the job by looking at what personal skills or competencies are needed in the job of Sales Person. The top SEVEN are:

  1. RESULTS ORIENTATION: The ability to identify actions necessary to complete tasks and obtain results.

    • Maintains focus on goals

    • Identifies and acts on removing potential obstacles to successful goal attainment

    • Implements thorough and effective plans and applies appropriate resources to produce desired results

    • Follows through on all commitments to achieve results

  2. INFLUENCING OTHERS: The ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking.

    • Effectively impacts others’ actions

    • Gains commitment from others to achieve desired results

    • Analyzes other’s opinions and leads them to understand and willingly accept desired alternatives

    • Persuades others in a positive manager

  3. SELF MANAGEMENT: The ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames.

    • Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient manner

    • Prioritizes activities as necessary to meet job responsibilities

    • Maintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervision

    • Minimizes work flow disruptions and time wasters to complete high quality work within a specified time frame

  4. GOAL ACHIEVEMENT: The overall ability to set, pursue and attain achievable goals.

    • Establishes goals that are relevant, realistic and attainable

    • Identifies and implements required plans and milestones to achieve specific business goals

    • Initiates activity toward goals without unnecessary delay

    • Stays on target to complete goals regardless of obstacles or adverse circumstances

  5. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: The ability to interact with others in a positive manner.

    • Initiates and develops business relationships in positive ways

    • Successfully works with a wide range of people at varying levels of organizations

    • Communicates with others in ways that are clear, considerate and understandable

    • Demonstrates ease in relating with a diverse range of people of varying backgrounds, ages, experience and education levels

  6. PROBLEM SOLVING: The ability to identify key components of a problem to formulate a solution or solutions

    • Analyzes all data relative to a problem

    • Divides complex issues into simpler components in order to achieve clarity

    • Selects the best options available to solve specific problems

    • Applies all relevant resources to implement suitable solutions

  7. DECISION MAKING: The ability to analyze all aspects of a situation to gain thorough insight to make decisions.

    • Analyzes data necessary for decision making

    • Makes major decisions impacting strategic outcomes appropriately and effectively

    • Makes decisions in a timely manner

    • Demonstrates ability to make unpopular and difficult decisions when necessary

Well-Run Concepts

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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2004