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Enjoy The Silence: The 7 Powers of Silence

By Tony Cuckson

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In Corrogue there is silence. This is a silence I have absolute confidence in. This is the silence of rural Ireland far from the maddening crowd. It is a place of retreat far from the noise and haste of this 21st Century living.

Let me share with you seven benefits of silence that you can practice no matter where you live.

  1. 1. Silence is Creative

    More and more we are required to “think outside the box.” This requires us to come up with new ideas. This may be within a business, a school, or a non-profit organization. Creativity is not found within the known. Creativity means to bring the new into being. All “thinking about” is simply juggling with the old. You might come up with an answer but this is not developing creativity. Creatively needs the silence of “non-thinking.” It requires that you quiet the chattering mind. Silence and creativity are one.

  2. 2. Silence builds trust

    Silence allows you to trust yourself. You give yourself time to listen to your inner voice. You learn to discover your unique ways of knowing. You discover that you do know the answers. You simply think others know better than you do. You have been taught this for most of your life. Listening silently to the promptings of your heart you begin got know your own voice. You become your own master.

  3. 3. Silence gives rest

    Entering your inner silence gives you deep rest. The rhythm of the body slows. The rate of breathing slows. Your heart rate drops. You enter the present moment. You enter your essential self. There is no need to go anywhere. There is no place to go. This is your time for relaxation. This is your time for simply letting go and letting be. Learn to rest regularly in the silence of your body.

  4. 4. Silence brings balance

    Silence allows for balance. It balances your natural rhythms. You “do” and then you stop “doing.” You “do” and then you “be.” This is easy to remember. It is the rhythm “Do be do be do.” All of nature follows this rhythm. We are human beings who have somehow transmogrified into human doings. We have forgotten the joy of silently being in the present.

  5. 5. Silence promotes the inner

    Silence is not just something we experience on the outside. It is equally, if not more important, to learn art of silence that is internal. Given times of stress and upheaval we can then retreat to our silent place of safety. The world may be crashing around our ears but we are anchored in our inward place of security. This is a place of real sanctuary from the noise and haste of this 21st Century. We become a disciple of silence. This then becomes our favoured practice.

  6. 6. Silence promote the real

    Many of us are afraid of silence. We will do almost anything to avoid silence. When I am silent people often ask me, "Tony is there anything wrong?” For some people silence has become wrong. It is a form of communication many avoid. Living your life without periods of silence is akin to playing music without silence between the notes. For many practicing moments of silence allows all hell to break loose. Thus the peace of inner silence never becomes an experience of renewal.

  7. 7. Silence allows listening

    Most people in our world long to be truly heard. Those who enter a period of silence each day learn to hear the song of their heart. They learn to listen to the song that only they have come to sing. When they listen to the song of their heart they find more love and compassion enter their dealings with others. This allows listening and real communication. Silence moves us toward real communion.

    Gift yourself a rest of silence each day. This will develop a greater sense of well being in all aspects of your busy life. You can be centred and still while everyone else rushes around. Silence has been used as an anchor in the lives of all those who find it truly is a wonderful life.

    Blessings upon you from Corrogue – “the place of the briars.”


Tony Cuckson is a writer on "learning
to be enough" in the 21st Century. He
is author of the ezine "Irish Blessings
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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2004