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Top 7 Tips For Developing Your Practice With Synthesized Strategies That Work For You

By Terri Levine & Sharon Wilson

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  1. You need to know the tools that successful practice builders use AND how to create the energy you need to use to craft those tools for your own use.

  2. You need to take action each and every day from your marketing actions plan AND release the energy blocks that keep you from taking action.

  3. You need to measure your marketing results AND believe that your vision will be a reality.

  4. You need to be sales/marketing oriented AND use the power of energy to attract what you want.

  5. You need to be doing work in the area of marketing AND not working hard.

  6. You need to use data statistics and some research in developing your practice AND your intuition.

  7. You need to learn the tried and true marketing approaches that work AND think outside the box.

    Bonus Tips:

    • You need to be reality focused about your practice AND able to create new realities.

    • You need to have a vision for your practice based on what the books and classes and experts say AND based on what you really want.

    • You need to be willing to trust the experts for outer guidance AND trust yourself for inner guidance.

Terri Levine, Professional and Personal Coach, author of "Work Yourself Happy" and founder of Comprehensive Coaching U, The Professionals Coach Training Program - . Also submitted by Sharon Wilson, Master at helping clients and coaches create new realities by blending the Science of the Energetics of Marketing, inner guidance and inspired actions to create powerful results. Co-author of Intentional Change and the Founder of the Coaching From Spirit Raining (Remembering) Program

Terri and Sharon invite you to explore their NEW collaborative Group Coaching Program - EXPLODE YOUR PRACTICE! A Blend of Proven Marketing Strategies and The Science of the Energetics of Marketing. The best of both worlds that create out of this world RESULTS! For more information, send an email to


Article Submitted On: November 09, 2000