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HOME::Selling Tips

Top 7 Ways To Heat Up Your Sales

By Michael Laleye

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Here are the top seven ways to heat up sales in your online business.

  1. Email each visitor a satisfaction questionnaire
    after they purchase. This will allow you to improve
    your order system, customer service, site, etc.

  2. Give a percentage of your profits to a cause your
    customers would like. It could be a charity, school,
    environmental improvements, etc.

  3. Take harsh criticism the right way and improve
    your online business. Don't get down in the dumps,
    improve the situation so it doesn't happen again.

  4. Give away a follow-up email course on an auto-
    responder. Include your ad with each lesson. People
    will buy quicker when they see your ad repeatedly.

  5. Make sure your classified ads don't sound like
    an ad. Don't ask people to buy anything or they
    won't click, give something away instead.

  6. Give your free bonus products extra perceived
    value. Don't use the phrase "free bonuses" use the
    phrase "you will also get".

  7. Keep your visitors on your web site longer. The
    longer they stay, the greater chance they will buy.
    Just hold a treasure hunt contest on your web site.

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Article Submitted On: August 23, 2007