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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Own E-books

By Noel Hynes

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There are now literally thousands of e-books (electronic book and texts) which are available free or that you can download or read online. Topics range from Internet marketing, poetry and literature, recipes, and publishing to name just a few.

If you are marketing products or services online, you should consider publishing your own e-book. The cost of publishing and delivering an e-book is virtually nothing when compared to its real world counterpart.

  1. Publishing your own e-book on a subject related to your site provides free content for your site and useful information for your customers. It also lets your customers know you are an authority on the subject.

  2. Create your own informational products and allow customers to download a demo e-book version. Place an order form in the e-book to allow the purchase of the full product.

  3. Make your business opportunity available in e-book format for your prospects to download and study offline.

  4. Provide a product catalog in e-book format for your customers to view offline. You can even provide a form to accept orders right through your e-book.

  5. Provide your affiliates with a complete "how-to" manual for marketing, advertising and promoting your products.

  6. Create an electronic version of your Web site, place it on disk and give it to prospects at trade shows, etc.

  7. As a writer, you can publish your own books in electronic format at virtually no cost compared to the traditional printed version.

Article Submitted On: April 20, 2000