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Top 7 Ways To Market Your Web Site

By Mershon Shrigley

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It's not enough to be registered with every possible search engine. Electronic advertising still needs traditional print advertising and public relations to make it successful. The following ten marketing ideas will help you attract the traffic you need to obtain the response you want to make your Web site worthwhile:

  1. It may seem obvious, but it's very important - put your Web a address on everything! This means you print it on your letterhead, your press releases, your newsletter, your brochures and fliers - all of your marketing package!

  2. Do a post card campaign to announce your site. Send post cards telling about the information that can be found there and how visitors will benefit. Send these cards to your HOT list of potential customers/clients.

  3. Design your site using interesting information that changes frequently so your target audience will want to visit your site again and again. Use fliers to remind your audience that your site is always new - remind them to visit often! Have a contest and post the results on your site.

  4. Send press releases to the local press, village and neighborhood newsletters, and trade magazines announcing your site and giving some pertinent information about what's to be found there.

  5. Frequently advertise your site in your newsletter. Do a screen capture of your home page and print it in the newsletter. Better yet, publish a line drawing that shows the sequence of several pages. Always include your web address in your masthead.

  6. Distribute an ad specialty item that clearly highlights your web site.

  7. Tease your audience with a brochure that gives them information they need and want and tell them there's more on your web site. "Visit our web site for additional information."


    • To save printing costs and increase response, send out smaller, less expensive pieces (post cards, fliers, mini-brochures) more frequently. Use these to promote your site and keep your HOT list active.

    • Recreate your web pages into a flip chart to use while making sales calls. Better yet, bring along a lap top computer and "take them to the site."

    • Include a special offer in your promotional pieces. Tell your audience that visitors to your site receive an incentive like a special gift, a newsletter, a bonus. This will motivate readers to visit your site and once there, they are more likely to leave their name, address, and phone number. You're now able to build a data base from your web site.

Today's Top7Business Was Submitted By Mershon Shrigley, a personal/professional coach who works with men and women to help them achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. She is also a nationally-known newsletter expert and publishes a free monthly online newsletter, The Business Woman's Advantage for women (or anyone!) with entrepreneurial spirit. Mershon also teaches a number of teleclasses on a wide variety of subjects.

For more information or a complimentary coaching session, contact Mershon at or visit her web site at

To subscribe to her newsletter, go to her web site or send an email request to: and put "subscribe" in the body of the message (without the quotes).

Article Submitted On: July 21, 1999