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Top 7 Home Security Habits For Everyone

By Sean Hattaway

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Top 7 simple security habits for everyone who wants to have a safe and secure home!

  1. Install a layered security in your home.

    Just having a single security system isnít enough as burglars and thieves are beginning to create new tricks to break into homes. Itís worse when youíve only got motion sensors in your home, too.

    Itís best to put in more layers of security, about three or four. You could get a dog and surveillance cameras to work with a home monitoring system, for example. Having layers of security could either slow down a burglar or at most discourage him in breaking into your house.

  2. Keep your doors and windows closed unless necessary.

    Burglars come in through a window, by picking a lock, or by kicking the door down. So itís important to keep these openings closed to them. Put locks and deadbolts on your windows and doors and never leave them open especially when youíre away. When youíre inside your house, only open the windows when necessary. Keep all of them closed when youíre at your backyard. You can leave a second floor window open, but youíll still have to stay cautious.

  3. Keep your backyard and lawn clean of any tools for the burglar to use.

    Clean your backyard and lawn of anything that could help a burglar break into your home. For, example, donít just leave ladder out on your backyard. A burglar could make use of this to go through the second floor windows. Also clear your house of tree branches close to the windows that could aid the burglar in getting in and getting out.

  4. When youíre out, make an illusion that someone is still at home.

    Burglars hesitate to break into a home that has someone inside it. So as much as possible, keep a pretense that someone is always home even when in reality thereís no on inside.

    There are many ways to make this illusion.

    Donít draw all the curtains down, and donít turn off all the lights. Turn off the ringing tone of your telephone so that when someone calls, the endless ringing wonít be heard and it wonít betray the fact that no oneís home. You can also use appliance timers to set off your radio or turn on the lights in time intervals. Itíll give the illusion that someone inside is listening to the radio or using the lights. And when you have subscriptions, either stop your subscriptions for the time being or have you neighbors take care of it. This way, it wonít stack up on your doorstep or on your mail and tell the burglars that no one is home.

  5. As much as possible, itís better to have someone at home.

    Itís always better when someone is really at your home to watch over your place. Itís even better than having a neighbor watch over your home, since your neighbor canít always watch your home every second of the day. Having someone inside your house, however, can help you in making sure that everything is as it should be. You wonít have to keep the pretense that someone is in your home, because someone really is!

  6. Get the right home security system and devices for your home!

    By saying the ďrightĒ home security system and devices, it doesnít mean that you have to get the most sophisticated and the best home security system and devices that there is.

    When buying your own home security system, you have to buy one with the right goal in your mind: to keep the burglars out in a most efficient way. Just because it is said that this home security system is the best today doesnít mean that it is the best option for you. Youíll also have to think of how to pair it with other layers of security, to give your home more protection.

  7. Cooperate with your neighbors.

    It helps a lot to be cooperative and communicative with your neighbors. Youíll need their assistance when youíre going away or even when youíre just at home. Your neighbors may see something suspicious that you could not.

    When youíre away, they could help you with your mail and subscriptions so no one would suspect that thereís no one home. They could also report anything to the authorities for you if they see any suspicious activity happening at your home.

Sean Hattaway has been an advocate of Home Security for years. He provides vital Home Security tips and information online; teaching families how to protect their family and home. Go to Wireless Home Security System also located at


Article Submitted On: April 18, 2007