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Top 7 Tips To Implementing Masterful Marketing

By Tom St. Louis

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  1. Start by recognizing the difference between wanting to grow your business and being committed to growing your business.

  2. Create a simple action plan for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly implementation.

  3. Start with a formal referral system. It will cost next to nothing and will make a profound contribution to your growth.

  4. Next, implement strategic alliances with several companies whose customers are great prospects for your business.

  5. Carefully segment your database and create mini-marketing plans for each segment.

  6. Commit to following up doggedly and creatively with all past prospects, friends and customers.

  7. Create a 'war council' or 'brain trust' of a few key friends and associates. Show them your plans and get their feedback on each aspect of your implementation -- item by item; in stages, patiently. (You can even do it by e-mail).

Article Submitted On: September 01, 1998