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HOME::Web Techniques

Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

By Larry Dotson

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  1. Participate in chat rooms related to the product you're reselling. Start a conversation with a person without trying to sell to them. Later on, while you are chatting, mention the product you're reselling.

  2. Create a free e-book with the advertisement and link of your affiliate Web site. The subject of the free e-book should draw your target audience to download it. Also, submit it to some e-book directories.

  3. Start your own affiliate program directory. Join a large number of affiliate programs and list them all in a directory format on your Web site. Then just advertise your free affiliate program directory.

  4. Write your own affiliate program ads. If all the other affiliates use the same ads you do, that does not give you an edge over your competition. Use a different ad to give yourself an advantage over all the other affiliates.

  5. Use a personal endorsement ad. Only use one if you've actually bought the product or service for the affiliate program. Tell people what kind of benefits and results you've received using the product.

  6. Advertise the product you're reselling in your signature file. Use an attention-getting headline and a good reason for them to visit your affiliate site. Make sure your sig file doesn't go more than five lines.

  7. Join a Web ring. It should attract the same type of people that would be interested in buying the product you're reselling. You could also trade links on your own with other related Web sites.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Larry Dotson.

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Article Submitted On: November 06, 2000