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Top 7 Ways To Dismiss Disappointment

By Malcolm Harvey

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These P.S's that we place on the end of every thought process, most times without realizing it, can have the effect of neutralizing our enthusiasm, causing procrastination and eventually sabotaging the whole idea or effort.

How do we conquer this negative subconscious expectancy?

Everybody is different. We all have had different experiences in life and therefore we all need different answers. It is up to each one of us to examine our own motivations, reasons and desires in order to discover what, if anything, is holding us back.

  1. Take time for yourself.

    There's no point in carrying on regardless with your head in the sand. I have on many occasions said the right thing knowing secretly that my actions would properly be different, in other words, avoiding facing up to reality out of fear or confusion.

    It is so important to take time out to examine your real reasons for doing things and to uncover the real thoughts that could be holding you back. It's only when you face up to your true background thoughts that you will be able to overcome them.

  2. Examine your true motivations.

    Don't be put off if you realize that you have limiting thoughts. Be glad that you are on track to real success.

    In England, we have a standing joke about the excuse for trains being late given by the railroad companies that "there were leaves in the line." How can a few small leaves slow down a powerful locomotive weighing several tons? The fact is that they do! Likewise, a few small misplaced thoughts can bring your successtrain to a halt.

  3. Ask yourself the right questions.

    It's so important to ask those questions that you would rather not ask. These are the ones which you've been avoiding; the ones which might hurt a little. But unless you are totally honest with yourself, you will never get the true feeling of peaceful success.

  4. Be patient for the answers.

    It took a long time to create all the negatives; so it might take a while to release them. However, don't use this as an excuse for not continuing rapidly on your journey to success. It might just be that the next answer to a question is around the next corner.

  5. Write down everything.

    I've found that if I write down my thoughts and feelings, it gives clarity and a source of future reference when I stumble off the track a little.

  6. Ask others to help.

    It can be helpful to have some people you trust tell you what they feel might be holding you back or might be a hindrance to you. This can be a humbling experience and you might find yourself getting a little hurt when they reveal the things that you have been avoiding. But if you are strong enough and really want to uncover your barriers fast, this could be a useful route. However, be VERY CAREFUL whom you choose to help you. Only take the things that appear right to you and bin the rest.

  7. Take action.

    The journey to success is all about action, not necessarily giant leaps but a constant stream of putting one foot in front of the other. As you uncover negative thoughts, recognize them, acknowledge them, record them, and then move on.


    • Eliminate fear.

      As you begin to face up to your limiting thoughts, your "negative subconscious expectancy," you will find that fear will slowly melt away. You will become bolder, stronger and more self-assured.

    • Remind yourself constantly.

      The secret to success is learning from your experiences, good and bad. So whenever you find yourself sliding, take time to remember and recall all the lessons learned from those past experiences. You will be amazed just how far you have come.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Malcolm Harvey.

Malcolm Harvey -- Publisher of "The SuccessTrain"

Success is a journey not a destination.
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Article Submitted On: August 21, 2000