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Top 7 Tips to Crack Telephone Interviews

By Sunder Ramachandran

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Most organizations are saving time and effort by conducting an initial round of telephonic interview before calling you for a personal round to their office. Given this, your voice and the way you project yourself over the phone can make all the difference.

  1. Visit the employers' website

    Visit the employers' website and learn about the firm. Most companies upload the job specifications in the 'career' or 'work with us' section of the website. This will give you a fair idea about the key skills required for a certain role.

  2. Make notes

    Keep some notes ready about the job description and your key strengths and accomplishments. It's a good idea to keep your resume in front of you as well. Remember, they can't see if you have these documents for review.

  3. Mock calls

    Call a friend from your and ask them to listen to your voice on the phone. Maybe your voice shrills; you speak too softly or too fast to be understood. As for feedback and request them to critique your voice.

  4. Get to the point fast

    The employer is already expecting calls from candidates, so don't waste their time by giving them a reference of where you saw their advertisement or asking them, if there are any openings. Greet them, state your name and get to the point

  5. Keep a note pad and pen ready

    Write down their questions so that you can stay on purpose. Too often, people forget the original question and beat around the bush. Stay on target

  6. Sound energetic

    Your voice is your only sales tool. Don't allow yourself to sound tired or uninterested over the phone. Sound energetic and excited, even if they've asked you the same question again. Keep a glass of water ready next to you.

  7. Be courteous

    Be courteous and try not to speak over the interviewer or cut them off. If you do, say "I apologise for interrupting, please complete your question" and let the interviewer continue

Sunder Ramachandran is a Managing Partner at W.C.H (We Create Headstarts) Solutions -, a Training solutions organisation. He can be reached at

Article Submitted On: October 30, 2006