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Top 7 Ways to Avoid Procrastination in Your Speaking Career

By Sandra Schrift

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The formula for Success - Have a passion for what you speak on. Master your delivery. And be very persistent about what you need to do to be a speaker in this multi billion dollar industry.

  1. To begin - Practice the four D's: Drop, Delay, Delegate Do!! Make the space for taking the steps needed to pursue your speaking career.

  2. Acknowledge and utilize your prime time (Chronobiology) . Use your peak working hours to develop and collect your material, listen to tapes, hear other speakers, view videos, etc.

  3. Visualize your speech and break through your nervousness. See it...Feel it...Allow it to happen.

  4. Get away from "woulda, coulda, shoulda" thinking. Don't wait for the perfect time - just DO IT!! Remember: There is no right time to begin your speaking career.

  5. Take one step at a time - the first step is the hardest. Then - do what is needed to package yourself and improve your delivery constantly.

  6. Set time limits - you don't have to do it all in one month...or even one year.

  7. Don't do it alone - company makes it more fun!! Hire a Coach now and cut your learning curve.

Today's Top7Business Was Submitted By Sandra Schrift.

Sandra Schrift was a 13 year owner of a National, Professional Speakers Bureau and now is a Career Coach to emerging and experienced speakers. Contact her at and visit her website at

Speakers University teleclasses begin with a FREE introductory session on May 25. Check website for details.


Article Submitted On: April 30, 1999