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Top 7 Killer Internet Marketing Strategies That’ll Turn Your Website Into a Money Machine

By Ambrose Ariagiegbe

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I suppose a website should work like a fast marketing machine and nothing less. That’s why my websites tick. Because I realize a functional marketing website ought to bring in cash and not just entertain visitors.

What does your website do? Find out – This might be the only thing you need to do about your online marketing problems.

Too many websites are wrongly designed... that’s why we have online entrepreneurs getting out of business claiming people don’t buy on-line! But let me ask you: Has anyone ever visited your website? If your answer is “Yes”, you could have made at least a sale at one time on-line… right? Yes. That’s why I tell you if that prospect eludes your entire Internet marketing strategy, you must hold yourself responsible. Excuses are not allowed.

Internet marketing may not have turned out as you expected, you should even be more thankful; because if it were easy, the field would be flooded with dabblers and that would reduce the amount of money you could earn. Your business is to discover how to make the task easier, so you can lock up your own share of the market.

Hi, my name is Ambrose Ariagiegbe – and there are secrets I know that can help you harvest the windfall profits sitting right in front of you on-line everyday– and these strategies can help you become the biggest money maker in your industry in no time!

In this article, I’m going to show you 7 killer Internet marketing strategies that can easily triple your website sales in the next 90 days. If you take out a little time and tweak your website the way I show you, I guarantee you’ll experience remarkable results.

  1. Create A FAQ Page

    You must create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for
    your website. Often times, your prospects would have
    questions about your offer. You should try to predict the
    kind of questions they most likely would want to ask, and
    answer them on a separate web page. This is one important
    way to close up more sales speedily.

  2. Use the Preference Close Technique

    This is based on the fact that people like to make choices.
    They don’t like to feel like they’re being ordered
    around or given an ultimatum. Give them the opportunity to
    make choices a lot in your sales copy and you’ll be luring
    them into doing what you want. Give them several choices
    with regard to payment, ordering and delivery. I don’t
    know what you’re selling, but the variation could be
    colour or – if you sell a book – make it available in
    different covers. Then you can structure your close by
    asking “which one would you prefer, hard cover or soft

  3. Exclude Outside Links

    You should try as much as possible to avoid having any
    outside link at your sales page. Your sales page should be
    focused on selling – making the sale to your prospects.
    Don’t try to impress anyone by linking to all the websites
    in your industry. Outside links would just lead your
    prospects away. I recommend that your main sales page should
    link to at most 4 other pages and they include:
    testimonial.html, order.html, contact.html and FAQ.html.

  4. Internet Marketing Strategy #4: Sell just one Product or Service

    Many websites are only a “catalogue” of all the products
    under the sun. I know you’ve seen even “experts” fall
    into this pithole. But the truth is: when you begin to sell
    more than just one product on a sales page, you end up
    confusing your prospects, and a lot of them will actually
    leave without buying anything from you. So if you have more
    than more products to sell, what should you do? It’s
    straight forward – just bundle and sell them in a single
    package or create a separate web page for each one.

  5. Write an Attention-Getting Headline

    Whether you know it or not, the first thing anyone who’s
    visiting your site wants to read is a headline. Take it from
    me: a website without a headline is just as lousy as a
    magazine with no captions. Just think: a magazine with no
    headline does not get anyone’s attention, no one can tell
    what it’s all about and the worst is no matter the
    efficacy of it’s articles, they don’t appeal to anybody.
    That’s how a website with no headline is. You must have a
    clear and attention-grabbing headline to entice your
    visitors into reading your sales copy – period!

  6. Write Effective Sales Copy

    The message at your website is very important. You must give
    it time. Always, I tell people, when it comes to rating your
    ad copy, nothing else counts but results. Ad copy writing
    can be very simple to learn, if you become a connoisseur of
    good sales letters. Go around and pick up some of the
    winning sales letters by copy-writing masters; some of the
    masters I know are: Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, Joseph
    Sugarman, Jay Conrald Levinson, David Grafinkel and so on.
    Then start studying them and practice to write the way they

  7. Use Testimonial (And Case Studies)

    A lot of websites have no testimonials. You need
    testimonials to convince your prospects that your product is
    actually what you said it is. You can try to overwhelm your
    prospects with all the rationales why they must buy your
    product – anybody would do that – big deal! But you need
    proofs to establish your credibility.

    So, if you don’t have testimonials, ask your customers for
    them and you can make it easier by creating a contact form
    they can fill and submit. Remember to entice them by
    offering to give anyone who sends you a testimonial a
    special gift.

Ambrose Ariagiegbe is an Internet marketing couch and the author
of 2 best-selling books, including “101 Advanced
Little-known Joint Venture Ideas Exposed” – the most
complete joint venture idea generating book online.

Ambrose’s new free report reveals little-known Internet
marketing strategies - that work like gangbusters.
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Article Submitted On: August 25, 2006