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Top 7 Tricks for More Holiday Web Sales

By Jamila White,

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"Black Friday" has come and gone, and your in-box is practically overflowing with new holiday orders, right? Or maybe not. Here are seven things you can do RIGHT NOW if your holiday Web sales aren't a-jingling.

  1. "Hello, is anybody home?"

    Update your Web site. If your home page still boasts "Summer Specials," this means you! Put photos of your best sellers out front, and highlight any holiday specials.

  2. Use the power of suggestion.

    Make it easy for shoppers to figure out what to buy. Try adding a "Great Gift Ideas" list on your home page with links to each product. Better yet, organize the list into categories: "Gifts Under $20," "Stocking Stuffers," "Gifts for Kids," "Gifts for Him/Her," etc.

  3. Bundle it.

    Combine popular items into a "gift set" that shoppers can add to their carts with one click. Package them together in an attractive gift box or basket. Be sure to display a photo of the gift packaging.

  4. Sell the gift that always fits.

    Offer gift certificates for the shopper that isn’t sure what to buy, or who needs a last-minute gift. TIP: Make sure your shopping cart ships gift certificates free.

  5. Wrap it up.

    Offer to wrap and ship a gift directly to the recipient for a small fee. You’ll earn loyalty from your customers if you can help them out during a busy, stressful time.

  6. "Will it get there on time?"

    Concerns about delivery are at the top of Web shoppers’ lists. Overcome their uncertainty by posting information about shipping times, order cut-off dates for holiday delivery, and express delivery options in a conspicuous place.

  7. SHOUT!

    NOW is the time to toot your own horn and help people remember that your products and services make great gifts. Email the folks on your mailing list at least once a week until the end of the holiday season. Pick a different gift product to feature with each email, and be sure to include a direct link to the product page. Also, work the phones. Don’t be afraid to be low-tech! Pick up the phone and call your 10 best customers to let them know about your great holiday deals.

Jamila White, “The E-Commerce Diva”, is an Internet Strategist, Web Designer, and E-Commerce instructor in the Washington D.C. area. For a FREE subscription to her "Sell More Online" e-newsletter, go to

[NOTE: You are welcome to “reprint” this article online as long as it remains complete and unaltered (including the “about the author” info at the end and the copyright notice), and you send a copy of your reprint to .]

Article Submitted On: May 29, 2006