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Top 7 SEO Tips - Google Score Card - Do Your Websites Pass The Test?

By Jason Potash

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Exchanging links with other sites are the most powerful way to boost your website's ranking. Imagine having articles full of your keywords spread out all over the internet. Google will quickly recognize your website and put it on a really high rank because Google is a hub of keywords. Here are some considerations that Google uses to rank your site.

  1. Google considers the anchor text of incoming links and when they were first discovered

  2. Google considers the appearance and disappearance of links over time

  3. If a new website gets flood of new inboud links, the site will be considered legitimate if some links are from authoritative sites

  4. Google indicates that incoming anchor text links should contain a variety of different (yet related) key phrases and not be all the same

  5. Google might consider links from fresh pages to be more important

  6. Google considers links with long life span to be of higher value than links with short life spans

  7. Google might record a distribution rating for all the age of all links

Jason Potash is the creator of Article Announcer Software. Plaese visit for more info


Article Submitted On: May 11, 2006