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Top 7 Ways to Increase Your Bakery's Bottom Line

By Corey Duncan

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With the advent of brands like Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread and even the large chain grocery stores entering the competitive bakery industry, the need to separate your business from other establishments requires a little ingenuity and marketing savvy. Here is our top 7 tips to help you with your commercial bakery business

  1. Put your goods on display. A properly placed pastry display case or bakery rack can not only show off your baking talents, it can make your customers mouth water. By placing a display in full view of your customers, you will create incremental sales, and let your customers know why they should come back for more.

  2. Color attracts the eye. Always display your baked goods with an eye for color. Bread and baked good are often brown and tan. Add some color to your display cases, even if you have to add other sales items.

  3. Shine the light on your creations. Make sure your bakery display cases are well lit. A well lit case will let your customer know you are proud of your work, and creates a welcoming ambience to your establishment.

  4. Mix it up. Add other items that will catch your customers eye. Olive oil and cracked pepper. Cheeses and local wines. These items will help create a wonderful feel for your establishment, and will help ring up extra sales.

  5. Label with flair. Would you rather eat a piece of bread, or homemade Tuscan sweet bread. Small name cards and a little imagination will help create interest for your customers and let them know the care and ingredients that make your commercail bakery special.

  6. Don't just box it, brand it. Your bakery boxes are your final stamp of quality on your creations. Package your baked good with an aesthetic touch, and your customers will notice

  7. Let your customer know they are special. Throw in an extra treat, let them know how you made their selections, let them in on your passion for baking. If they know you love what you do, and love their business, your one time customers, will show again and again.

Corey Duncan is the owner of Commercial Food Equipment and Bakery Displays - a great resource for commercial bakery businesses

Article Submitted On: May 09, 2006