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Top 7 Ways to Succeed in the Business of Speaking

By Sandra Schrift

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How attractive are you as a speaker? Not, your looks, but your consistent ability to provide a quality presentation, attract clients, and be irresistibly attractive to meeting planners and speaker bureaus? Below are some useful tips that I learned while owning a national, professional speakers bureau for 13 years.

  1. Presentation – do you have something interesting,
    inspiring, and useful to share with audiences? Be mindful
    of your voice (keep it deep and low pitched), your
    personality and attitude (positive), your tone (soft, loud.
    Encouraging as needed), your style, your vocabulary.

  2. Connection – how quickly do you get to the core of your
    audience’s problems and challenges? Skip what is between
    their ears and go straight to their hearts.

  3. Passion – do you love what you do? Develop a niche or
    specialty that you truly enjoy … and are good at.

  4. Network – enhance your speaking career by networking with
    50 or more other speakers. They become your referral
    sources. Join the National Speakers Association – a 4,000
    member organization that holds conferences and has local
    chapters to help you with your marketing skills and
    networking. Call 480-968-2552 (Arizona)

  5. Products – write a book, booklet(s), create audio tapes,
    video tapes, CD/ROM. Having products will catapult your
    speaking career and make you more valuable to your clients.
    This “passive” income is like having frosting on the cake.

  6. Value added – become known as a value added speaker.
    Provide handouts, attend the cocktail reception before your
    program, stay after your speech, offer follow-up
    teleclasses, offer your consulting services, be a

  7. Hire a Coach – The Olympic Games remind us that a
    world-class athlete is surrounded by a number of people
    whose function is to keep him/her on track. No serious
    athlete or professional speaker would expect to progress
    very far without a COACH.

Sandra Schrift 13 year speaker bureau owner and now career
coach to emerging and veteran public speakers who want to
"grow" a profitable speaking business. I also work with
business professionals and organizations who want to
master their presentations.

To find out How to Become a Highly Paid Professional
Speaker, go to http://www.schrift.com/ProfessionalSpeaker/

Join my free bi-weekly Monday Morning Mindfulness ezine

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Article Submitted On: May 08, 2006