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Top 7 Most Important Items For Book Cover

By Alias Bohari

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Book cover is a tool for visitors to fall in love at first sight. First impression shall be the first choice by visitors. Book cover must able to change visitors to be the clients. It also must able to change visitors that don’t have intention to buy at beginning to be a buyer. Book cover must deliver message and attract visitors.

  1. Title, Subtitle & Description

    Title must attractive and it acts as main words of overall book. Title must be clear and simple. It is better to be placed at top position. It shall be written horizontally for visitors to read easily. Slanting or vertical title is difficult to be read. Title has the biggest size among texts at the book cover. But it cannot too big. The size must match the cover size. Too small title can also cause it hard to be read. Subtitle is simple words to support the title. The size is smaller than the title. Normally it is appropriate to be placed below the title. It must also be written clearly and horizontally. Example: title is “Silent Millionaire”; the subtitle is “10 Tips To Generate Money Silently”. Sometimes, subtitle is not needed when the title itself already strong. Normally description is descriptive words on overall book contents. It can be some words, questions or any forms that interesting. It is appropriate to be placed after the subtitle. The size is smaller than the subtitle. Box and circle can be added at the outer of the description. It is needed to describe something new or unique.

  2. Author and Publisher Name

    Author name is good to be included at book cover. Normally, it is placed at the middle or bottom. Visitors will be more confident when the author name is there. If the author is famous person, the name is better placed immediate below the title or subtitle. It seems as part of the title. In this case, the author name becomes important as the title itself.

  3. Font

    Font selected must match where and when to be used. San serif font is better to be used for the title and subtitle. It is clearer and stronger. Contents that have lot of words normally use serif font to be more readable. It is best to use only one or two type of font and it family. The font can be italic, bold and black. Visitors like the consistently. Title and subtitle can be all capital letters. If the title is too long, it is better to use small letter. Small letter is more readable and better to be used.

  4. Color

    Cover normally has domain color. The color must match with the book category. Background color cover must contrast but match with cover title. When black and white printing purpose is considered, lighter color is better for the background. Title, subtitle, description, author and publisher name shall use one family color type. No fix rules for color selection. Each person will see differently meaning of each color. Sometimes follow majority view is the best when no strong reason to select unusual practice.

  5. Size
    Size of book cover depends on book category and the audience. Pocket dictionary and travel guidance can have smaller size. Books for children have big size to attract children attention. Politic, economy, motivation, business and religious use medium size book cover. It is easier to be carried and kept. Novel normally has smaller size than above. Follow standard size is better than creating custom size that not conveniences for the others. Size is not so applicable for be a unique purpose.

  6. Graphics & Image

    Cover with graphics is better than plain cover. Book cover not needs complicated graphics. Simple is enough but it must attractive. Graphic must match the title. It is nicer to use graphic for the whole cover rather than some portions. Graphics domain color must appropriate with the cover domain color. Image selection must match with the book cover message. Image can be used as background by reducing the transparency. If no right image found, it is better not to use any image. Image must be getting legally. Normally for free images, many people use its. If the image still needed to be used, it can be modified to be new.

  7. File Format

    Use the right software to create book cover. Use high dot or resolution per inch to create better image. Jpg format use small size memory. It is normally used for web page or others that need high speed. Png use bigger size memory. The image also better than jpg format. The different between jpg and png format can be seen when the image is enlarged. There are many types of fie format. The most important is to select the right format for the right purpose.

Alias Bohari specializes in book cover design. He admits that he may be not the best but he will design the best for his clients. He introduces the 3S design concept: Smart, Simple and Sell at or

Article Submitted On: May 04, 2006