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Top 7 Little Dwarf Mistakes That Add Up To A Monster Website Problem

By Robert Wood

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Our services take us to the dry desert of low-to-no traffic websites. In conversations with those we find prospecting for visitors, we find many website owners are sun-dazed and have missed key elements, all of which add up to a web dead zone. Even the bleached cow skull looks away!

  1. Don't use flash. Flash is invisible to search engines, slows page loads, annoys visitors, and does nothing to answer their search query! It doesn't wow anyone but you.

  2. Don't stuff every keyword or phrase you can think of into your home page. Unless you optimize it for each word, that's a waste. Better: optimize each page for different slices of the same niche.

  3. Blue is the color of credibility.

  4. Web designers might not understand search engine optimization. Just because you paid a lot for that site doesn't mean it's functional yet.

  5. A website should take/lead/inspire the visitor to a MOST DESIRED ACTION. Many are simply ego one-sheets.

  6. Sell BENEFITS not FEATURES. A feature: Car comes with 4 tires. A BENEFIT: Car comes with 4 SAFETY RATED tires so your family will be safe in a storm.

  7. Each page of your website should have 400-600 words on it. 200 at the absolute minimum. And should answer the query someone makes when they search for a term.

    Searched term: Canoe
    Possible answers: How to paddle, where to buy, kinds of canoes, history of canoes, canoe rental, canoe design, etc.

Bob Wood, former major market radio programmer in the United States and Canada, has applied his multi-media expertise to the internet, which he clearly sees as the future of communication.
At his SEO website Wood offers insight into how websites can own their niche, increase traffic, and convert that traffic to sales.


Article Submitted On: April 27, 2006