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HOME::Presentation Tips

Top 7 Speaking Tips: How Well do You Speak?

By Sandra Schrift

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The ability to speak well can enhance your career, clinch a sale, sell a point of view and increase your business productivity.

  1. The most important objective of any speaker is to appear
    credible and knowledgeable about their subject. Speak to your
    audience as if you were having a conversation.

  2. Grab the audience’s attention in the first few minutes
    with a question, startling comment, inspiring story, a funny
    experience. This will help you connect immediately with
    everyone and reduce the tension. Stay away from jokes!

  3. Reduce your nervousness by taking several deep breaths
    immediately before you are introduced. And for you chocoholics,
    eat some chocolate to relax your vocal chords.

  4. When making a presentation, look at one person long enough
    to deliver one complete thought, then move to another
    individual and repeat the process. Everyone else in the audience
    will also feel attended to.

  5. Use visual aids to increase audience retention of your
    message. But NEVER become a master of ceremonies to
    your overheads.

  6. Avoid the # one mistake in the speaking business…failing
    to check your audio-visual equipment before your presentation.
    Show up early to check out the sound system and any other
    equipment you will be using.

  7. Personal benefits from acquiring excellent speaking skills
    include: more self-confidence, becoming more persuasive and
    evolving into a magnetic or dynamic speaker.

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Sandra Schrift 13 year speaker bureau owner and now career
coach to emerging and veteran public speakers who want to
"grow" a profitable speaking business. I also work with
business professionals and organizations who want to
master their presentations.

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Article Submitted On: April 24, 2006