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Top 7 Ways to Profit from Foreign Trade

By J. Stephen Pope

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Here are seven excellent ways to earn income from international trade.

  1. Importing: Retail store owners can find additional
    products to sell from foreign manufacturers, distributors,
    and other suppliers. You may even decide to go exclusively
    into the import business and become a wholesale distributor.

  2. Exporting: Manufacturers can find new customers for their
    products in foreign countries. You could also become an Export
    Management Agent. Arrange for other domestic companies to sell
    their products to foreign corporations and earn a commission.

  3. Licensing: Consider becoming a licensing agent. Earn
    royalties by arranging for foreign corporations to manufacture
    and sell the products of domestic companies.

  4. Finder`s Fees: You can earn fees from domestic companies
    for finding foreign buyers (or for finding suitable imports
    from foreign suppliers). You can also earn fees from foreign
    companies for finding domestic corporations that will buy their
    products (or for finding suitable suppliers and products from
    domestic corporations).

  5. Drop Shipping: Visualize receiving an order from a customer
    based in a foreign country and not having to be bothered with
    shipping and handling the product. No customs declarations or
    brokers are required by you. This is because your drop ship
    supplier is handling those details.

  6. Mail Order: Add a mail order service to your existing
    business operation. Manufacturers, retail stores, and other
    businesses can increase their sales by using this additional
    method of selling that is very conducive to international trade.

  7. Internet Marketing: You can also extend your reach to worldwide
    customers by means of the Internet. Methods of obtaining foreign
    business include affiliate marketing, online auctions, online
    stores, and websites.

J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping
clients to earn maximum business profits for over
twenty-five years.

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Article Submitted On: March 08, 2006