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Top 7 Zero-Cost Psychological Purchase Triggers That Produces Guaranteed Sales

By Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

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One goal every Internet marketer and most probably anyone in business has is to make a sale. If you truly want to get your piece of the Internet "pie", this is perhaps the greatest "magic" you should learn. The magic of getting people to purchase your product.

Your major goal is therefore to produce a stream of sales 24/7. This is achieved only if you apply "psychological" purchase triggers that helps eliminate purchase barriers and that helps people buy from you over and over again.

Take note, each one of these triggers will prompt people to beg you with their money, come back again and beg for more of your product.

  1. Personality.

    You are trying to sell to humans and the
    psychology remains the same. Humans are always
    keen on relationships. Your goal is to present
    yourself as some real person and not some sales
    "icon" sitting behind some mahogany table
    somewhere across the world. Make them "feel"
    you. Write your ad materials like the person is
    standing with you and talk straight. Tell them
    about your personal experiences, what you went
    through, catch them on a friendly note.

  2. Give Testimonials.

    A written testimonial about what you sell
    from a customer who've actually used it is
    a strong enough psychological purchase trigger.
    Include contact details and picture when

  3. Give a Bonus.

    If you really want to see people in the
    "spending action", give a bonus. This simple
    but effective psychological purchase trigger
    works on the mind and puts people into the
    buying mood. Clichés such as "buy one, get one
    free.." have made me buy quite a lot of things
    and I am sure it has happened to you a lot of
    the time.

    Why don't you use it to produce some sale too.

  4. Give a Special Offer and Back-it-up With a

    If you have a product or service, one sure-fire
    technique for selling more than you've ever
    sold this week is simply to create a special
    offer and give a deadline. For instance, if you
    sell a product for $30, do a little price
    slash, add a little bonus, give a deadline and
    make your offer public. I bet it, you won't
    sleep that night because the phone wouldn't let

  5. Guarantee The Sale

    The object of a guarantee is simply to remove
    all purchase barriers from the customer and get
    him to buy. Guarantees tell the potential buyer
    you are sure about your product and makes him
    feel double safe he will get back his
    money if he is not totally satisfied.

    If your product is truly what you say it is,
    you should not be afraid to give a guarantee
    and once the word is out about your guarantee,
    be sure the sales will pour in.

  6. Use Plenty of Action Words.

    A lot of people produce "power-packed" sales
    material intended at producing results only to
    spoil the whole thing just because they did not
    use enough action words which asked for the

    You must in clear terms ask the prospect to do
    something. Ask him to call, click, buy now,
    send in a stamped self addressed envelope, send
    his email.. Just make sure you ask him to do
    something and when it finally comes to you
    asking him to buy, to so in clear terms.

  7. Pre-Sell With A Free Gift.

    The greatest word I have seen around is the
    word free. By giving out something free, you
    can actually pre-sell. Pre-selling is all about
    getting a potential buyer to test you out or
    get to know you. You do this to get him ready
    for the real sale you want to make.

    If you sell a book for instance, writing an
    article or a press release on the subject of
    the book and giving it away free is a great way
    of pre-selling your book.

    You have it. The "Top 7 Zero-Cost Psychological
    Purchase Triggers That Produces Guaranteed
    Sales." All you need to do is use these
    strategies in combinations to produce the
    sale you need.

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Article Submitted On: March 01, 2006