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Top 7 Techniques to Use Your Quiet Mind

By Dan Knapp

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Ralph runs his life charging from crisis to crisis. He finds meaning in solving problems, most of which are ones he created. Ralph and others like him love the rush they get from adrenaline as they crash into deadlines and disrupt other people.

Jerry seem more mellow. He works at a slower pace and strangely seems to accomplish as much or more than Ralph. Jerry gets things right the first time. Others like to work with Jerry.

How can this be? Jerry and others like him have learned to use the power of their quiet mind.

Here are 7 techniques from Jerry on how to use your quiet mind.

  1. Visualize your desired results. Begin with your ultimate result clearly in mind. Picture it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it and you have a far better chance of attaining it.

  2. Rehearsal. You can rehearse, in your quiet mind, anything from athletic events or public speaking through sales calls. Stay open to what happens in these mental rehearsals. You will experience unexpected results and have a chance to learn from them.

  3. Create in your mind products and processes. Everything man created started as an idea in the mind. Create new products or processes while your body remains still.

  4. Solve problems. Instead of jumping into a problem, take a few minutes to literally roll it around in the mind. You will start to see subtleties not visible with a quick glance.

  5. Programming. Programming differs from rehearsal in that with rehearsal you know how to do something. In programming, you plan your ultimate result without necessarily knowing how to attain it.

  6. Sensing source. The quiet mind acts as a receiver of thoughts. What do you receive? Who knows, but your mind will take whatever it receives and associate it in context with your current challenges or opportunities. The result will be creative solutions for which you can cite no direct source.

  7. Relationship building. When you stop to think about people in your life, you develop a new sensitivity for them which they will sense. This new sensitivity will make you more attractive to others. Do you really enjoy the company of someone who continuously lives their life on the edge? Personally, I find them energy draining after their novelty wears off.

Today's Top7Business Was Submitted by Dan Knapp, MBA, Personal Coach. Are you ready to make your life better and more satisfying? Most people answer NO! Why? Because the improvements require change and most people would rather endure their plight than make a few well thought out changes. If you are different and want to build a better life, I would like to coach you! Visit my web site at for free mini-courses on Personal Development and other information about personal coaching. Send a blank email to to sign up for my free monthly email newsletter "Tips From The Coach."


Article Submitted On: October 05, 1999