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Top 7 Tips to Rebalance One's Energies

By George Lockett

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Health is the natural result of having one's energies in perfect balance. Dis-ease is the result of not letting life flow freely; it is like water: if you stop water flowing it turns stagnant. Life is like a river flowing; we need to flow with it and welcome change: progress is made through change.

  1. Focus on the things in life which bring you great joy and happiness. If you are not enjoying something, look for new ways of doing it that use your creativity. Whatever your job or situation use your imagination to experience your situation in new ways.

  2. If you are feeling dis-ease in any area of your life, become aware of your breathing and consciously breathe your breath into that region or situation. The breath contains Prana -- the life force -- and conscious breathing will bring new life into that region or situation.

  3. Look to ways to stretch your body and get exercise. Dis-ease likes stagnant, still areas of your life. Stretching through the practice of yoga, swimming, walking or other exercise allows the energies to flow.

  4. Self-talk is very important listen to what you are saying to yourself about yourself and check that this self-talk is positive and uplifting. If you find it is not life-supporting, choose to change you mind about it, and start to say nice, loving things about yourself. Have your hair done or buy yourself a nice present just because you are special and you love yourself.

  5. Look for ways to bring new experiences into your life. Look for new clubs or societies in your area that you can join to meet new people and flow your energies in new directions. Perhaps take a holiday in a different culture and see new ways of doing things.

  6. Get out of your mind and into your feelings. Just that simple shift in your energies away from your head and the thinking process, going down into your heart and the feeling process can make a huge difference to how you see and experience your Self.

  7. Take time to turn your attention back on yourself. This could be done through a formal system of meditation, or you could listen to one of my meditations at: HealerGeorge's Guided Meditations Even just a simple activity like knitting or fishing allows the awareness to settle down and expand, opening the door for new possibilities to come into your life.

Visit my website HealerGeorge Web Site and Distant Healing to listen to a guided meditation or receive absent/distant healing. Just follow the instructions on the home page. As you make your donation you will get the opportunity to put in your personal details, so I can focus the healing directly to you. Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Article Submitted On: February 07, 2006