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Top 7 Strategies to Help End Bullying

By Andy Tomko

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Bullying is a worldwide pandemic. In the United States, everyday over 160,000 students skip school so they wonít be bullied. To help keep yourself safe and help end bullying here are 7 strategies you can implement.

  1. Make friends and hang out with them. Bullies are less likely to pick on someone in a group than someone who is alone.

  2. Try to avoid the areas where bullies hang out.

  3. Speak well of yourself so others will speak well of you. Donít put yourself down verbally, thatís giving others permission to do so too.

  4. Act confident. Discover what you love to do and excel at it, nurture it and feel good about it. If you donít feel confident, fake it till you make it.

  5. Donít spread rumors, donít repeat name calling. Make bullying not cool!

  6. Report dangerous, destructive or disturbing incidences to someone in authority.

  7. Become a defender of the undefended. If you feel confident enough help someone out who might be being bullied. If you arenít confident enough, report the incident to someone in authority.

Andy Tomko is ďThe Recovering BullyĒ. As a motivational speaker he specializes in areas of bullying, non-violence, personal growth and character issues. To learn more please visit his website

Article Submitted On: February 01, 2006