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Top 7 Principles To Apply In Your Business Pages

By Joanna Rivera

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It is quite easy to make web pages that are pleasing, clear and which we expect all the promises of the world. But the only promise that you really expect is to close the sale. Let's review all 7 principles that allow you to maximize your sales and profits.

  1. Start with a wealth of benefits

    I will not repeat it enough: the title is the most important element of your page. When you arrive on a page, what do you do? You read the title and decide whether or not to continue your reading. Your customers are the same.

    Studies show that the title may increase the response rate to an offer dramatically. The best of the world will not for you if visitors do not read and that is exactly what the title: it catches the eye of the user and requires to read the rest of the page.

    Less than half of readers exceed a page in the title. It is therefore imperative that you spend as much time as needed to have "good" title.

    Leave aside the double-meaning titles or misleading. This type of grip to reveal more about you and your values on the prospect.

    And the secret is this: your visitors are much more interested to read about themselves and your company.

    So talk of a benefit that improves the life of your customer. Use words like "learn", "new", "now", "yes", "free", words that are active, attract attention and promise something. The two words most valuable in the eyes of your customers are "free" and "you".

  2. Focus on the prospect

    Your entire message should revolve around your client. The approach may be different on their current status ( "Do you live at the moment is not so dramatic") and their dreams ( "Imagine that you can finally offer three months of vacation to Tahiti").

    Return to the product or service you offer. Why there? Why is your company offers it? In the mind of the prospect, your product is just a name, link benefits to the name.

  3. Provide multiple benefits

    A benefit is something that will make life more pleasant your customer, using your product or service. That is why the prospect buys, that is why the product exists and you must meet those expectations. You linger a long time on the product and ...

    List all the benefits you can think of. Do not consider important, you trierez later. Make a list as long as possible. Write really all that can bring your product to the customer.

    Once this is done, let the list of a few hours later and repeat it. Add what you have forgotten the benefits and rank in order of importance, from most important to least significant.

  4. List the characteristics

    A feature is a fact about a product or service, such as "Made in Thailand", "100% oak" or "adjustable from 10cm to 120m. The features show how the product works, what is delivered, its possibilities.

    The characteristics are that the media profits. Profits are always paramount with the features but without them, the benefits are unfounded. You concrete and prove the benefits with features. For example, "The only scale that you need (benefit) because it is extendable 50cm to 75m (typical)

  5. Make a long text

    It is a fact, a long text sells better than short text.

    Customers want information and seek as the product is expensive. If your prospect is beyond the title and begin to read the body of your message is that he wants to buy or at least think seriously. Thank them for reading by providing the answers to all questions and demonstrating that not only meet your product needs, but will do much.

  6. Talk about you, but at the right time

    Wait for the text to discuss your company details. Consider your company as a magician who, after describing at length a turn, have removed the rabbit and a few rounds of cards is finally reappearing rabbits, a playing card between your teeth, which everyone expects.

    Your company is the magician to whom s'extasient customers and your product is the rabbit that appears with the map of the benefits as expected.

    Nobody appreciates the magician before the show, your clients do not thank your company before you know everything about the product.

  7. Ask for the answer now

    Any text must provide a commercial message, which must be a call to action. Do you want the customer telephone, write or take an order online?

    With the advent of mass communication, the proliferation of television channels, radio, magazines and newspapers, you receive thousands of requests per year. Make sure your application appears and be firm and direct.

    Summarize your main points and ask yourself the question: is there a reason why your prospect should not act immediately? Try to propose an additional benefit: a limited in time or an additional warranty.

    There are 7 principles to write pages that sell. Remember that the pilot Internet content, and that includes the words on your pages. Make sure that this aspect of your online marketing serves correctly because the content is your primary marketing tool.

Joanna Rivera is an Search Engine Marketing Specialist in India. She is writing articles on Link Building Services, SEO and Web Designing Services related topics.


Article Submitted On: July 30, 2009