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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Beaufort, South Carolina

By Todd Covington

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Beaufort, SC has so many great qualities, it is often hard to narrow a list of things most like about the area. While hard, we have compiled list of the 10 things real estate client were reasons for moving to Beaufort.

  1. "I love Activities on the Water!"

    With all the beaches, rivers and tidal creeks that lie in the Beaufort area, we often have to ask clients what kind of water activities they're looking for. Beachgoers love Hunting Island State Park for it's beautifully secluded beaches and picnic areas. If you're looking for seclusion, then maybe private beaches like Fripp Island or Harbor Island. Boaters who love to cruise or fish beware. Beaufort has so many inlet rivers and tidal creeks, you could have trouble exploring them all in a lifetime.

  2. "That Small Town Feeling."

    I might hear this more than any reason people live in Beaufort. There are two types of Beaufortonians. The first is born and raised here. The second has moved here. No matter which, they all agree that they love the small town feel. In a time where most areas have far too much urban sprawl, Beaufort remains relatively unspoiled. I cannot count the clients that have moved from larger cities such as Atlanta and Charlotte. Big time development and gridlock traffic is something we here certainly don't miss.

  3. "Lots of culture and history."

    Being the 2nd oldest town in South Carolina, Beaufort's history is still prominent today. Historic architecture, Gullah Culture, and past civil war monuments mark days gone by. Our history has paved the way for a lot of tourism. Residents and visitors alike enjoy taking carriage tours of the downtown historic district, touring the Penn Center, and viewing the Antebellum homes in the Old Point section of town.

  4. "I'm ready to retire."

    CNN Money, Reuters, and Carolina Living all named Beaufort, South Carolina to it's top ten places to retire. Dataw Island is commonly referred to as Beaufort's best retirement community.

  5. "It's a GREAT place to raise a family."

    Small town values and lack of big city distractions make the area a wonderful place to raise a family. Living in a small town makes a community tighter. The adults do more activities together, children grow up together forming with life-long friendships, and much of the big town mischief doesn't happen here. Families here also enjoy parks, festivals and boating activities held throughout the year.

  6. "Lots of Southern Hospitality and Charm."

    The first thing I noticed when exploring the Beaufort area was how incredibly nice the people are. If you don't want to take my word for it, Southern Living readers have voted Beaufort the top Southern Small Town for 7 years in a row.

  7. "Wow, the weather!!"

    Mild climate is certainly one of the top reasons that clients move to Beaufort. We are in the 70s for around 6 months a year, I cannot imagine anywhere else could top our weather. When people choose Beaufort, it's often for our sub-tropical climate.

Todd Covington is a Realtor that is loves to assist home buyers and home sellers with Beaufort SC real estate. Todd is a top producer in the Greater Beaufort area. Tod find that perfect Distant Island home, contact Todd today or visit his site at


Article Submitted On: June 26, 2009