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Traits That Make Up A Good Accountant

By John Flemings

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The finance department is a crucial part of the organization. If you are a business owner, it is great if you look for an experienced accountant with the right traits and ability to run the financial department of the organization. What are some of the traits that you should check when you are hiring an accountant? What qualities make up the best accountants? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself so that you can get the best person for the job.

Money is a critical aspect in regards to any organization. This is why you need a skilled and organized person to run the accounting department. The following traits that make up the best accountant.

  1. Time management skills
    You cannot be a good accountant if you do not know how to manage time effectively. As an accountant, you will be handling with many tasks and contribute to strategic decision. All these require a person who has good time management skills.

  2. Organization
    This is another great trait that an accountant should have. You will be dealing with data, figures, and other paperwork and this calls for the organization. This is the only means in which you will find the information that you need quickly.

  3. Knowledge of accounting rules and theories
    As an accountant, you must stay abreast with the general accepted accounting principles. One of the best ways in which you can keep up with the changes is attending conferences and seminars.

  4. Accountable
    Yes! You can't be an accountable without being accountable. In accounting, finger pointing is not allowed. You must be accountable for the outcomes of your work.

  5. Put needs of clients first
    The clients are an integral part of any business. You can't call yourself an accountant if you do not value your clients. You must look for a person who understands the needs of the clients and the business. This will greatly help in achieving the goals of the organization.

  6. Creativity
    Accountants should be very creative in their scope of work. Look for a person who can think outside the box and one who comes up with fresh ideas all the time. At some point, clients problem can require a creative mind and a special attention, and this needs a high degree of creativity. Such people can provide solutions even to the most demanding client requirements.

  7. Trustworthiness
    Accountants are people who deal with very sensitive information about the business. You can't just pick any person who will end up revealing the secrets of your business to third parties and other competitors. They should be very professional and should never give any information about the business to third parties.
    Other traits
    Great communication skills
    Team player

John Flemings is a Norwich based accountant at Square Accountants and writer who love to write about accounting, payroll and taxation. Contact square accountants for your business accounting needs at http://www.squareaccountantsnorwich.co.uk

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Article Submitted On: June 28, 2017