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Top 7 Work at Home Small Business Ideas

By J. Stephen Pope

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Here are seven great businesses that you can operate from your home.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

    An affiliate or associate program is a method of selling
    products on the internet through commission sales. When
    someone you refer to a website buys, the company you are an
    affiliate of pays you a commission. In many cases, it is
    also possible to make money from the efforts of people that
    you introduce to the affiliate program. You can expand your
    product line by joining and promoting more than one
    affiliate program. Finally, you can operate your own
    affiliate program to promote the sale of your own products
    and services.

  2. Internet Auctions:

    Many thousands now make their living or fortune from
    selling products and services on eBay and similar auction
    sites. So can you!

  3. Drop Shipping:

    Drop shipping is a method of selling products without
    stocking inventory yourself. When you make a sale you
    contact the manufacturer or authorized distributor who
    ships it to the customer with your invoice and shipping
    label. Advantages include no warehousing, shipping, or
    inventory costs.

  4. Finder's Fees:

    Finder's fees are paid for finding money (loans, equipment
    leasing, et cetera), equipment (mining, construction, et
    cetera), personnel, companies for sale, locations (fast
    food franchises, vending machines, et cetera) and just
    about anything else that people are willing to pay for.
    Simply match sellers with buyers and you can earn finder's

  5. Self-Publishing:

    A self-publisher creates, produces, and sells information
    products. Information products may be in the form of books,
    booklets, videos, audio cassettes, compact disks (CDs),
    electronic books, files, databases, private websites, and
    other media. The information products that you create are
    unique. You have exclusive control and ownership of your
    own information products.

  6. International Trade:

    You can import products for resale from foreign
    manufacturers, distributors, and other suppliers.
    You can also extend your reach worldwide to customers
    by means of exporting, mail order and Internet marketing.
    As an Export Management Agent, you could earn commissions
    arranging for other domestic companies to sell their
    products to foreign corporations.

  7. Consulting:

    Consultants charge large fees for their knowledge,
    expertise, skills, connections, experience, and other
    assets. This business can be operated from home with
    little more than standard office equipment and supplies.


J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc.,
has been helping clients to earn maximum business
profits for over twenty-five years.

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Article Submitted On: November 20, 2005