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Top 7 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

By Surabhi Joshi

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We may spend endless hours and plenty of money making sure that everything on our wedding day goes just like we’ve always dreamed of it! But practically, wedding planning is a tedious task and no matter how much we plan, there’s always a room for mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes people make while planning their wedding:

  1. Ignoring your budget:

    Each and every plan regarding the wedding should be secondary. What you should consider before anything else is, your budget! This is so because if you ignore your budget, you run the risk of not enjoying your planning at all. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t spend more than you have, unless you can avoid spending elsewhere.

  2. Missing out on the guest list:

    Once you are done with deciding the budget, the rest of your planning should wait unless you’ve prepared a proper guest list. You can move forward with the planning process once you’ve discussed numbers with your fiancé and families. As a matter of fact, a guest list is what determines most of the other elements of your wedding, from the catering bill to the ceremony seating arrangement and so on.

  3. Sending out the wedding invites too early:

    It’s imperative to be excited about your big day. Though the only thought of telling everyone about your wedding asap may be tempting but sending out those wedding invites too early is not a good idea. Be patient till you’ve finalized the guest list.

  4. Missing out Q/A sessions with your vendors:

    You need to know that vendors’ job is to help you with your wedding. There’s no point hesitating to anything that has got to do with your big day. No matter how small the query is, if it’s relevant, it needs to be resolved. So, make sure that you have all the information you need so as to make sure that you don’t leave anything in the unknown. This further minimizes the room for you to become stressed out.

  5. Not having an alternative plan:

    No matter how much you plan, things may go wrong! Your big day may not turn out to be the way you planned it. It may be the weather or the food or the accommodation that may ruin your efforts. But is you are prepared for everything before hand, you can face all these mishaps with a smile on your face and rock your D-day like a boss!

  6. Choosing the inappropriate photography/ videography service:

    As you know, your big day will eventually come to an end. All you’ll have after that are the memories and for sure you would want them to be captured in the best possible way. Skimping your budget when it comes to photography/ videography services can render all your efforts futile. Since the photographer and the videographer will be working with you to document one of the happiest days of your life, you need to ensure the standard of these services.

  7. Planning everything on your own:

    We know weddings involve a lot of hard work and take up a considerable amount of time but there’s no point stressing yourself about the entire process. Instead of planning everything on your own just because you fear that no one will be able to see your plans from your perspective can make you get yourself ragged. So, instead, go through your to-do list, find the things that take up a lot of time or are easy to delegate and ask for help from your friends and family for a stress-free wedding planning.


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Article Submitted On: May 02, 2017