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Top 7 Ways to Stop Picking Up Pain

By Rose Rosetree

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One in 20 people was born as an empath. The good news is that when skilled, you can have clear, direct experience of what it is like to be other people. Until skilled, however, you're likely to pick up other people's pain. Every day of your life! Without trying! Pain will cling right to your aura, like static-ridden shirts from the dryer that give your body an unwelcome hug. Here are seven ways to get you started at becoming a skilled empath.

  1. Forget the clichés. Sure, you've heard advice like, "Tighten up your boundaries" and "Avoid toxic people." Well, I've taken surveys, teaching in many parts of the U.S., plus two other continents. All empaths have tried this sage advice. And it works… for people who AREN'T empaths. Empaths need to use techniques designed just for them.

  2. Stop putting up walls. They don't work. Most commonly, sensitive people try putting walls around their hearts. These walls become real structures on the level of auras. Some people are so good at walling themselves up, they can develop four or more walls, one behind another. But walls don't help an empath to keep out pain. What do walls really accomplish? They make it hard for people to find out what you are really like. Do you want your people to find you? Whether dates, customers, friends, they'll find you faster if you stop putting up walls.

  3. Recognize if you are an empath. This isn't necessarily about having mushy, gushy feelings. I've identified many different gifts, including intellectual empathy, spiritual empathy, different forms of physical empathy. Know any hypochondriacs? They are probably unskilled empaths with "Physical Oneness." Whatever your gift(s), until you learn skill as an empath, you'll pick up the related kind of pain. Skill begins with appreciating that you are unusually good at connecting to people in a particular kind of way. Give yourself credit.

  4. Use your consciousness to "know the difference." Just as the famous Serenity Prayer is about having the wisdom to distinguish what you can and can't change, empath's empowerment begins by distinguishing what belongs to you and what doesn't. You can definitely develop this skill. It does take a bit of time to learn because consciousness is a very abstract level of life, not to be confused with intellectually understanding an idea. (Analogy: Experiencing God versus having an idea about God.) How much time does it take a typical empath to learn to use consciousness with skill? We're not talking years or months. It takes about as long as washing your car or coloring your hair.

  5. Coming home. Once you wake up your consciousness, you'll discover many different and fascinating aspects of yourself. You'll also appreciate how often your consciousness shifts to take on the experience of other people. With practice at bringing your consciousness back to yourself, you'll gain the ability to choose when you connect with others as an empath.

  6. Turn-on techniques. After you learn how to turn your empathic gift(s) OFF most of the time, you can safely begin to turn your empathy ON by choice. Dedicated techniques for doing this contain built-in protection from taking on the other person's pain. Your service and insights are actually greater than if you don't use those techniques. Imagine being jet propelled into the clear experience of otherness! I call it "The biggest fun you can have with your clothes on." And it's great for service to others as well as gaining more wisdom for yourself.

  7. Forget trying to just "Be Centered." I'm not saying it's impossible. But as a strategy to avoid pain, trying to center is counter-productive. Most attempts are frustrating. Or limiting. Or both. If you are an empath, you have many levels to your consciousness, e.g., awareness of the environment in contrast to mindfulness. With skill, you can center yourself at any level you desire.

Rose Rosetree offers personal sessions where she uses Deeper Perception for healing, better relationships, self-awareness and inspiration. Rose also facilitates personal sessions of Regression Therapy. She teaches her leading-edge techniques in workshops and books about Face Reading, Aura Reading and Skills for Empaths.

Resources include Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, The Power of Face Reading, Empowered by Empathy, and Let Today Be a Holiday. One title has become a bestseller in Germany; two were selections of One Spirit Book Club. All are available at her website, http://www.rose-rosetree.com. Youll also find free articles, FAQs, and practical ways to use Deeper Perception to make life better.

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Article Submitted On: January 05, 2007