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Top 7 Ways to Shift to Attracting Clients

By Terri Levine

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  1. Shift from personalities to operating systems.

    Most insurance professionals run by their personality. A longer-term, successful approach is to systemize your business to avoid burn out and business resentment.

  2. Shift from adding value to doubling expectations.

    If you give too much to your client, they will feel overwhelmed. The goal is to exceed their expectations and to "wow" them, not just to provide value or "stuff." When you exceed expectations, you will get referrals.

  3. Shift from selling to educating.

    Selling is a way to convince someone to purchase something. Educating is being honest versus seductive with the client, giving them a straighter story.

  4. Be interested, not interesting.

    People want their insurance agents to be interested in them, not just offer an interesting product. Insurance sales are most effective when you demonstrate an interest in your potential client versus a flashy brochure or financial report. Ask them questions and stop giving slick answers. Be credible, not impressive. Plenty of business will find you if you demonstrate a sincere interest in the person you are speaking with instead of talking or "pitching" them.

  5. Focus on beneficiaries versus clients.

    The client is the one buying your product. The consumer is the one who may ultimately use the long-term care insurance. The more you think about the consumer, the better. Now consider the beneficiaries. This could be the spouse, children and others that will benefit by your sale of long-term care insurance. Think 2-3 generations down and include all the players as you design and expand your business concepts.

  6. Attraction vs. advertising/promotion.

    Invest in sponsoring special events for clients or potential clients such as picnics, golf tournaments, an informative Web site, etc. People are numb to advertising, brochures and promotion. They are attracted to people who are great at what they do, offer a great service, anticipate their needs, tell the truth, and fully listen to and respond to them. This is the nicest, cheapest and easiest way to get clients.

  7. Structure versus momentum.

    Structure comes from having systems in place, which will accelerate your momentum. Momentum by itself will fade.

    Bonus Tips:

    • Agent versus consultant.

      An agent sells a product. A consultant is more than a seller of a product. You are the center stage of a highly emotional transaction. You have the opportunity to be part of a highly intimate relationship with your client. Educate your clients about who you are not just what you do.

    • Team 100 versus Rolodex.

      Create a list of 100 key people in each business line you can think of from A-Z. Your clients will have many needs. You are in a position to refer dozens of service providers to your clients. Ask each team 100 person to do the same for you. Forget the Rolodex of people you aren't connected with.

    • Referral business vs. leads business.

      Many agents believe they have a referral business, when in fact they have a word-of-mouth or leads business. A deliberate organized referral business is predictable and measurable and will result in automatic business growth.

Submitted by Terri Levine, Professional and Personal Coach. Terri is a coach to successful business leaders, top executives, and a developer of people with potential for greatness. Terri can be visited on the Web at www.comprehensivecoaching.com [http://www.comprehensivecoaching.com].

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Article Submitted On: February 14, 2000