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Top 7 Ways to Release Toxic Relationships

By Rose Rosetree

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Valentine's Day and Friday night dates, the promise of romance all year long--sure it can seem as though a great love relationship must be right around the corner. But what about moving past OLD loves and other outgrown relationships? Can a person realistically expect to say "Move on" and, instantly, have the past leave without a trace? To enjoy present relationships, or bring in new ones, it may be important to finish… unfinished business. The advice I'm about to offer may seem counter-culture, but I've used it for over two decades, helping clients to make their lives better. What works for them might work for you, too.

  1. Take a vacation from psychological healing. If you've been involved in therapy for years, but toxic old relationships still bother you, consider supplementing the psychological work with healing on the level of your AURA (the subtle bodies around your physical body). Auras store old pain and fears at a level that psychological work isn't designed to touch.

  2. Stop putting up walls. Understandable though it is to protect your feelings, walls are the kind of solution that causes even worse problems. Did you know that walls show up in auras? Sure do! Sometimes a person can have three or four layers of walls. But even one is counterproductive. It keeps pain in (not out). Walls also make it hard for new people to get to know you. And removing walls is an easy do-it-yourself project. Whatever internal self-talk you use to put up walls, stop it. Find a more balanced way to manage your human vulnerability.

  3. Discover the strengths in your aura. Either learn to read auras yourself or consult a professional—not necessarily a psychic, just someone who has learned how to use Deeper Perception. Auras contain information about lifelong gifts of your soul in areas like love, communication, power and sex. By validating the strengths in your aura, you'll mobilize resources for inner healing.

  4. Remove the grime. Besides containing lifelong gifts, your aura also accumulates the equivalent of dust bunnies, like negative thought forms and out-dated façade bodies. Nothing alarming about accumulating this stuff, but it hardly helps a person find love in the present, so resolve to release it. Either improvise a way that works for you or find someone with the training to do heal auras quickly and efficiently. That could be an aura reader, a spiritual counselor, a practitioner of energy medicine, or another specialist in holistic healing.

  5. Cut cords of attachment. Every toxic relationship leaves a repeating pattern, technically known as a cord of attachment. Untouched, cords stay with you until the day you die. This is a new field to many within the holistic healing community, but you can find a skilled practitioner to permanently and painlessly cut your cords of attachment. Clearing these toxic cords is the single most important way to get a new lease on your love life.

  6. If you're an empath, get skills. In addition to all the aforementioned problems that can grime up a person's aura, 1 in 20 Americans is an empath. And empaths can accumulate a whole different kind of unnecessary auric debris.
    Empaths may have different gifts—emotional, physical, intellectual, or spiritual—but what all empaths have, by definition, is an inborn ability to directly experience what it is like to be other people. Unskilled empaths constantly pick up pain that way. When looking for love, it's particularly unhelpful for your aura to carry the imprints of other people's romantic difficulties. With skill, you can become empowered by empathy, not victimized. If you're an empath, make it your business to develop skills.

  7. Bring your cleaned up aura back to therapy. Energetically balanced, you'll find that psychotherapy can be so much more effective. You'll find it relatively easy to question old patterns, develop new habits, and maintain fulfilling love relationships.

Rose Rosetree is America's leading expert at Deeper Perception, with how-to books about Aura Reading, Face Reading, and Skills for Empaths. She offers phone consultations for healing auras, including 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment". Sign up at her website for a free monthly zine. Preview her books or order at http://www.rose-rosetree.com or call toll-free 800-345-6665.

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Article Submitted On: February 12, 2007