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Top 7 Ways to Reinvent Your Beauty Salon

By Belinda Meyer

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A happy client is one who feels their purchases are worthwhile. Make it a pleasure to do business with you. Look at your beauty business through the eyes of your clients. Build your business by drawing attention to your salon, to your way of performing beauty methods and techniques.

  1. Differentiate yourself from your competition

    You do not want to be just another esthetician in an ocean of Beauty Therapists

    People don't necessarily buy because they NEED something. The need is often deeper than the material item they are purchasing. The need may be self-image, a sense of luxury or indulgence etc. It is important to realize that people do not buy things for their face value. In the absence of this valuable information the only comparison is price! Tell your potential clients clearly why you are different.

  2. Get the Word out

    You may think running your beauty salon is important, but promoting your business, is equally important. Your business marketing needs to be effective. Use promotional campaigns to advertise your expertise, excellent solutions and build a positive reputation. Offer exceptional value with your beneficial service and your credibility will convert into financial success. Keep your marketing efforts within a 20-minute drive of your salon. Seek out local resources and networking opportunities.

  3. Dedicated Team

    You need to be in control with focus and energy, even if you are having an "off day". Having a dedicated team makes your life easier and ensures client satisfaction. Make sure everyone on your team is armed with knowledge. They need all the tricks and tips to work efficiently. Invest time and energy in your employees. They are not just beauty therapists, they are your client service team. Support and motivate your team to give an exceptional salon experience.

  4. Focus on Retail Sales

    Beauty Therapist and Aestheticians must understand the necessity of recommending and selling products. Ask questions to find out which products your clients need at home. They will appreciate that you asked about their needs, rather than trying to sell them a range of products or multiple add-ons. It is not enough to simply recommend a product. Offer clients useful and helpful information so that they can understand what makes your product better than other options.

  5. Luscious Salon Experience

    Making money is not just about the product or service you sell. The real money is in the experience you provide for clients. Money is spent on the experience. The client buys to memorialize and remember the experience. You can just get married in court or you can go all out and spend a fortune on unlimited luxury and have a bang of a wedding celebration. Most people fall somewhere in the middle according to their budget and according to their dreams. Likewise the spa industry varies from regular spa treatments to the outlandish, ultra lush and extravagant.

  6. Effective Marketing with Email

    Email Marketing is a highly effective way to build loyalty and trust. It is an excellent and cost-effective medium to combine with your other marketing mediums. As a Beauty Salon owner your database is an asset worth its weight in gold. Consider the lifetime value of a loyal client. Emails containing valuable information based on your skin care knowledge and experience are generally more effective over time than email that constantly make sales offers and feature your salon, treatments and products.

  7. Building credibility

    Not only must clients be aware of your product or service, they also must have a positive felling toward it. Potential clients must trust that you will deliver what you say you will. It builds credibility when you allow potential clients to sample your service. A free mini-demonstrations of your facial and body techniques can be just the introduction a person needs to make a booking. It is hard to understand something, until you have actually experienced it. Sure not all introductory offers will turn into sales, but many will materialise into new clients.

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Article Submitted On: April 06, 2010