Top 7 Ways to Offer Freebies

By Kate Marsden

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Offering something for free might not sound like the best way to boost your profits or grow your business – but it can be. Freebies allow customers to build a level of trust with you; encourage people to sample products and services they may not otherwise buy; make customers feel that they are getting something extra; and let you to engage with customers in unusual ways to create hype, launch products and get customer quotes.

Try these 7 tips to get you going.

  1. Choose Wisely.
    Find something in your business that costs little for you to generate but will have a high perceived value. This might be a high margin product or some information or expertise.

  2. Reward Loyalty.
    Use the free offer as an extra reward for loyal customers, especially at the points when you know customers are more likely to leave you.

  3. Launch with a Freebie.
    Use a free offer to launch a new product or service and get some positive PR going

  4. Get rid of stock.
    Offer something free that you have too much of, when people purchase another product. The added extra bonus costs you little but will increase customer satisfaction.

  5. Get testimonials.
    Offer free products and services in return for “testimonials” for the first 100 users.

  6. Prove yourself.
    Offer some initial analysis for free if you provide services, to demonstrate your skills and build the relationship.

  7. Run a competition.
    Offer free items as part of a competition – just make sure that people think there is a reasonable chance of winning.

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Article Submitted On: June 24, 2013