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Top 7 Ways to Manage Your Time

By Kristi Tiedt

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Time is one of the most valuable commodities that we have. It could be argued that time is more valuable than money. Why? We can make more money, but we cannot get back lost time.

  1. Set goals that you are excited about. You will be more inspired to stick to your time management plan if you are excited about your goals.

  2. Prioritize your tasks and make "To Do" lists. What do you want to accomplish this month? this week? or today? Decide what you want to accomplish and create task lists... and then do them!

  3. Avoid procrastination. Create your own mini deadlines and chunk out your big projects into smaller goals. Then tackle them! Don't wait!

  4. Maximize your productive time by minimizing distractions. Tell your coworkers/friends/family that you do not want to be disturbed for awhile. Communicate with them. Another idea: let the answering machine take a message for you.

  5. When scheduling meetings, be sure to specify a time frame and an agenda. Meetings will suck the life out of your time management strategies! Don't let them. Indicate a start and end time for all meetings, have a specific agenda and stick to it!

  6. Use electronic devices to manage your time. Cell phones, email calendars, and hand held devices have the capability to help you manage your time. Use them!

  7. Reflect on your day. Did you spend your time in a wise way? What went well? What roadblocks did you come up against in your day? How can you prevent them from happening again?

Kristi Tiedt is a Learning and Development Trainer who manages her time so wisely she has time to write Top 7 articles. :)

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Article Submitted On: April 19, 2012