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Top 7 Ways to Make Your Book Signing Sizzle!

By Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

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After many months of work and waiting, your book has rolled off the press. You are eager to promote sales, and you have arranged a book signing with a quality bookstore. You want to make the most of this opportunity. Bill Lampton, Ph.D., has participated in 85 book signings for The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life! Here he shares his tips for successful book signings.

  1. One week ahead of the scheduled signing, call the bookstore manager to make sure your books have arrived. Taking their arrival for granted could lead to embarrassment and disappointment. If they have not arrived, offer to call your publisher and arrange speedy delivery.

  2. On the day of the signing, arrive twenty minutes early. Early arrival shows that you are totally committed to the event. Use the time to meet store employees, and ask for their help in directing customers to you. Also, check the arrangements. Don't settle for a rickety card table. Request a sturdy wooden table, so your signature and inscriptions will be neat and legible.

  3. Use a chair only when you sit down to sign a book. Standing beside your book display reflects alertness, readiness to serve, while remaining seated could create an image of reticence and aloofness.

  4. Introduce yourself to everyone who stops to chat. Yes, your name appears on the book and possibly on a display sign. Even so, you want to break down formalities, to stimulate friendly conversation.

  5. Ask the potential buyer about his or her occupation. Use the reply to explain how your book will help that person professionally. The more relevance you demonstrate, the more books you will sell.

  6. Share testimonials about your book. Point to blurbs on the cover, and bring copies of reviews and comments that appear elsewhere. You can do this without bragging, by saying you are grateful that your book has generated positive response already.

  7. Present buyers with a low-cost gift, telling them that you want to express gratitude for their interest. Examples: a bookmark with your mission statement and slogan, copy of a recently-published article and a signup sheet for your e-mail newsletter. Treat your buyers nicely, and they will extend the success of this signing by telling their friends to buy your book.

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Article Submitted On: September 21, 2004