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Top 7 Ways to Make It Personal

By Willie Crawford

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Making sales online requires letting people know you! You must "allow" them to LIKE you - just like offline. Here are 7 quick ways to get personal with your customers, establish some relationships, and make lots of great friends (and sales).

  1. Send Electronic Greeting Cards. Visit one of the tons of sites out there and send a card for a holiday, a birthday, or just to say thank you. These may seem a little hokey but people do appreciate them.

  2. Add your photo to your website. Your photo allows your visitors to know you better. You become a living, breathing person, instead of just some name. People sitting in front of a computer want someone to CONNECT with. Let them!

  3. Add phone numbers to your website. Without your phone number or some contact information, your prospects will be weary. They will feel that you're hiding from them. They need to know that they can contact you if they have problems with your products or services.

  4. Learn kids/spouses names. Often, longtime customers will share with you facts about their families, etc. They do this because they are sharing something important with you. At least file this email so that you can ask how their family members are doing later. Family is what motivates most of us to work online in the first place.

  5. Learn some of their personal interests. Learning some of your clients interests allows you to know how to better serve them. You may also share some common interests that further solidify relationships.

  6. Visit websites mentioned in signature blocks. When your customers put their URL in their signature block they are inviting you to drop by. Take a minute and look their site over. They may offer something you need, or you may be able to offer an observation or comment that will help increase their sales.

  7. Respond to Their Posts Privately. Offer the one-on-one contact that is so missing in this arena. Many people posting questions on discussion boards or to discussion list will appreciate a personal note responding to their concern. Respond directly as well as to the group. They will appreciate that you took the time to write them, and will remember this kind gesture.

    Your customers are people - and people are social creatures. Get personal, be social, and watch miracles happen.

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Article Submitted On: June 14, 1999